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Curtain wall and Structural Glazing Service


Art Aluminum & Glass company in Lahore offers aluminum curtain wall and structural glazing systems for Plaza, buildings, complexes, malls, and other commercial structures. These services are excessively in demand owing to their properties like durability and glazing option, these structural glazing systems are used being in curtain walls, windows, and storefront installations.

structural glazing is the best option for curtains, storefront installation, and windows among the other glazing options because of its anti-leakage to water and air penetration. 

 Our experts install the structural sealant of these glazing systems to form a continuous, waterproof seal against leakage and air infiltration. The sealant and spacer pass on the wind pressure to the formation and provides greater flexibility, pressure management, solidity, and thermal stress balancing capabilities. 

our Specialties with structural glazing compete on the following points: 

* Sealant performance

* Air and water infiltration

* Structural requirement

* The energy efficiency factor

* OOTV concept

* Laminated glass performance

* Safety and security parameters enforcement

* Reduction in sound

* Solar radiation and heat control

* Low visible distortion