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A modern set of windows that is made up of two different panes of glass within the same window frame are known as a double glazed window. These 2 panes of glass usually have a gap anywhere between 6mm to 12mm wide.  The gap is usually filled with standard air. However, you can also use special gas such as argon, krypton, or xenon to fill in this gap. Double glazing is not only limited to traditional designs but can also be fitted to other different types of windows. These include sliding windows, openable windows, curtain wall windows, double hung windows, fixed windows, and all the trending designs of double glazed windows in Lahore.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

The world has already been aware and has taken advantage of double glazing. Just because they are not only durable; they also look very attractive and give a pleasant home environment. Double glazing is increasingly gaining popularity in the trends of recent home designs in Pakistan. Following are only a few of the benefits double glazed windows can offer in your home.

Energy cost savings

The amazingly engineered airtight construction of these double glazed windows creates thermal insulation. Having Thermal insulation in your home reduces the flow of incoming and outgoing heat. In simple words, you don’t have to increase the temperature of your air conditioner, which will surely result in lower energy bills by Wapda in Pakistan.

Heat Proofing

Dampness in a home is usually caused by the use of ordinary windows. Wetness on a warm surface of your home forms droplets of water, which freeze into frost. This can make the room feel colder the special air between double glazing prevents the buildup of condensation and moisture in the day cold days of winter in Pakistan. This makes these windows more functional in colder areas like the north of Pakistan.

Warmness in Cold Days

Summer is tough in Punjab, But double glazing is a day saver in that season. They are the ideal form of insulation, with up to 50-70% of home heat lost through single-glazed windows. Double glazed windows help capture and store a higher percentage of the natural heat from the winter sun.

Cooling on Hot days

Double glazed windows in Lahore protect your home against extreme hot temperatures in June and July. Double glazing traps the hot rays from the sun; which minimizes the heat which burns your home through your windows on a hot sunny day.


This is something every modern homeowner dreams for. A pleasant noise-free environment. Double glazed windows are your buddy in that scenario. They improve noise insulation by creating a wall of barrier between the home and the outside noise pollution: Double glazing deducts sounds providing you with more for a calmer and quieter home. The high-performing double glazed windows by Art Aluminum can reduce outside noise by up to 60%.  Overall it is a great investment if you live in a busy and rushy area in Pakistan.

Safety Doubled

Everything is simply double with double glazing. This is the reason double glazed windows are tougher to break than single pane windows. More durability means you have a more secure home because they’re sealed tighter than ordinary windows. However, the result is that it’s tougher to open them by force from the outside when locked. Due to the use of special air like argon, It’s become more difficult to break double glazed windows.


Double Glazed Windows by Art Aluminum

There are many advantages in using double glazing in new homes as well as having you’re the not so new fitted with double glazing. Approximately 50% of the heat lost from a well-insulated home with single glazing goes out through single glazed windows. With double glazing, you trap a layer of air between the two panes of glass to create an insulator that prevents heat from escaping. Using double glazed units reduces internal heat loss from a window by approximately 51%. A drier home is a healthier home. In conjunction with the installation of double glazing, it is recommended that an active or passive ventilation system is also installed to achieve a drier home.

Installing double glazing units will not only make a big difference to your comfort but should lower those ever-larger power bills. Dampness and mold are real problems in many homes in Lahore. If condensation windows should be wiped down often, if not it will lead to creating mold that is very unhealthy as well as destructive to building materials. It is widely known that double glazing greatly reduces the risk of condensation forming on the window. With double glazing double glazing less time will be spent cleaning up wet windows.

Best Products of Glass and Aluminum in Lahore

The silence that diverts outside noise and turns your home into a quiet place. Double glazing windows offer a sound buffer against external noises such as traffic and noisy neighbors. By using double glazing and a blend of special glass kinds, the noise can be compact by up to 50% of its previous level.

A professional team can fix double glazing units quickly and easily into current timber or aluminum windows. you’ll surely notice the instant impact in noise reduction. Lessen damage to furnishings. Lessens the harmful effects of UV light on blinds, carpets, and furniture. Art Aluminum double glazing windows can reduce interior fading by and the transmission of UV radiation. Our Windows also save you cost by reducing the need for thermal curtains that can block the beautiful outdoor view.

Price of Double Glazed Windows in Lahore

Just Because they dual the benefits; Double glazing windows are a bit more expensive than single glazed windows. However, there are various benefits, including cutting down on central heating costs. A good double glazing installer will have experience in double-glazed windows and doors, French windows, bay windows, and conservatory windows.

Looking to save money on your rising energy bills? Then start by estimating the efficiency of your home’s windows. If you feel the air passing through the windows or see washed-out areas on your carpet, then your windows may not be working well enough to keep you and your family comfortable. You should assess the condition of your windows at the end of every season. If you see infrequent moisture or frost buildup on the inside of your window panes or if a constant flow of air is coming in through your windows, those are clear signs it’s time to consider a window replacement.